A true animation powerhouse, Brunch was founded in 2015 with the philosophy of producing films of unequaled technical and artistic excellence. As a result, the studio delivers projects with a distinctive premium touch.

We love to push the boundaries of animation through our in-house team of creative supervisors. By applying their singular technical and creative expertise, they transform abstract concepts into immersive visual experiences in 2D and CG.

Our studio is based in Paris France and specializes in game trailers, commercials, and music videos. We can flexibly scale our team of artists and technicians according to any production’s needs.

Brunch Studiot is part of Nightshift group, a french Independent group of experts in media content.

Brunch Studio

41 Rue de l'Echiquier - 75010 Paris

Aude Vitrant

Executive producer


Fabien Cellier

Head of Production